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The Eco Collection

We're all for staying humble, but these collections are something to brag about. Every detail is focused on responsibility, but still features unique design elements like custom print lining and a one of a kind tread pattern.

The Royale Eco Canvas

This collection is crafted with 100% repurposed canvas twill, structured with recycled cotton, padded with algae foam from over-populated ecosystems, supported by 100% natural rubber, and laced with recycled cotton laces. 

Our Most Responsible Shoe. Ever.

We don’t expand the Royale franchise with just any new shoe.

The Royale Knit

This knit version of our classic Royale is made from recycled plastic. We teamed up with our factory and found a new way to take seven plastic bottles that would have wound up in the ocean and transform them into something that looks awesome on land. Pretty sweet!


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