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How to Clean Knit Sneakers

How to Clean Knit Sneakers

Here’s a step-by-step guide to giving your knit sneakers a thorough cleaning.

Even though you take great care of your GREATS, every now and again, they need more than just a quick spot clean. Here’s a step-by-step guide to giving your knit sneakers a thorough cleaning:


1. Gather your materials.



You’ll need: bristled brush, ivory soap, water, and powder detergent


2. Remove laces and the insole.



You can wash the laces separately, but insoles are delicate parts of a shoe and should not be put in the washing machine.


3. Spot clean specific areas that are dirty.



Using water, soap, and a bristled brush, focus on the particularly dirty areas (outsole or on the shoe) that may not simply come out from washing it in the washing machine. 


4. Place the cleaned knit sneakers into a mesh wash bag.



Wipe off the extra suds and then place into a mesh washing bag that's used for delicate items.


5. Time to machine wash!



Now comes the fun part - throw them into the washing machine in a delicate cold wash cycle and watch the magic unfold.


6. Check if all looks good.



Once the cycle is complete, take a look to see if all the stubborn spots are out and looks almost brand new.


7. Not happy? Repeat Steps 3 and 5 until satisfied.


Did wash #1 not get that one problem spot? Jump back in the bath. Just repeat Steps 4 through 5 with special attention paid towards dirty areas. For all but the biggest messes, two washes is golden.


8. If all looks good, let shoes dry.


Ah, the waiting game… again. Maybe make some coffee? You've got 10 minutes, give or take, until you can truly evaluate how well you've cleaned. 






Voila! Clean shoes, as simple as that. Just lace ‘em back up and get back out there – your next GREATS adventure awaits.


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