A Day In Her Shoes: Jeanne Grey

A guest feature from Jeanne Grey of @thegreylayers on the value of a great pair and what that really means to her.

They say you’re born to find your perfect soulmate one day, tailored to fit your puzzle. No one ever tells us that perfect is what we make it out to be. Entering my 30’s, I’ve realized how impractical every expectation of what a “great pair” should be. It was never about the one, but more of, pick the one you want to clean up, grow and go places together with. Because no “one” is perfect.  So here we are, imperfectly growing together, making mistakes and learning together, perhaps teaching each other to clean up our acts on some days, being lazy and never getting out of our sweatpants (and being perfectly okay with that!) on others. Never perfect, but never any BS between us; just like my favorite pair of no BS, everyday sneakers from GREATS. We make a great pair.



Each pair of quality GREATS sneakers is made with your lifestyle and the environment in mind. They are footprint transparent in every way they can be through their design process, upcycling parts from other shoes, removing plastic bottles from the ocean and using algae foam from overpopulated ecosystems. GREATS also partners with factories that make it a priority to use less water, electricity and energy consumption. It’s like they say, the greatest people consider the collective.

This weekend, Varick and I took GREATS along the way with us as we gave back to our community by picking up trash. How do you give back to your community?



 No BS, always playing nice and ready to be worn while doing your thing; a good sneaker is more than just a shoe, it’s your homie and your vehicle. Let it lead you on the path towards philanthropy and environmentally rewarding activities!



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Size Guide

The length (inches & centimeters) in the chart is the inner measurement and should correspond to the length of your feet.

36 3.5 6 4 9.125 23.10
37 4.5 7 5 9.375 23.80
37.5 5 7.5 5.5 9.500 24.10
38 5.5 8 6 9.625 24.50
39 6 8.5 6.5 9.750 24.80
39.5 6.5 9 7 9.875 25.10
40 7 9.5 7.5 10.000 25.40
40.5 7.5 10 8 10.125 25.70
41.5 8 10.5 8.5 10.250 26.00
42 8.5 11 9 10.375 26.30
42.5 9 11.5 9.5 10.500 26.70
43 9.5 12 10 10.625 27.00
43.5 10 12.5 10.5 10.750 27.30
44 10.5 13 11 10.875 27.60
44.5 11 13.5 11.5 11.000 27.90
45 11.5 14 12 12.000 30.50
46 12.5 15 13 12.250 31.10
47 13.5 16 14 14.250 36.20
48 14.5 17 15 16.613 42.20


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