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2020 Year In Review

In Case you missed it

Team Quarantine

58 Loaves of bread baked

Focaccia, sourdough,
babka...oh my.

325 hours of animal crossing Played

That's just between two
team members.

209 team
video calls

We really missed each

7,300 hours streaming movies
and Shows

That's an estimate, but
seems pretty accurate.

5 Playlists

Listen to
them here.

What We've Been Up To

Seen On

Doing Our Part

70,091 Water Bottles Removed
From the ocean

CC: The Royale Knit collection.

New Materials: Algae,
Recycled canvas..

Upcycled materials, fishing nets, carpet, recycled rubber.
1,928 feet of recycled canvas — taller than 1 World Trade.

115,960 Liters of clean water
returned to ecosystems

By using BloomTM Algae Foam in our insoles.
That's 106 years' supply of clean drinking water for 1 person.

A new year (see you never 2020),
a new Royale Eco that reimagines our full-grain leather.

  • 90% less water used in tanning process
  • 80% lower carbon footprint
  • 40% lighter weight
  • 5x more durable
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