It's OK to buy status, just don't overpay. At Greats, we abide by this motto. We believe in it so strongly, we went ahead and trademarked the statement. Our mission, born in Brooklyn and defined by decades of sneaker-centric expertise, is centered on a clear, direct aim: Redefine the footwear industry one foot at a time.
Greats is different and we like it that way. By disrupting and innovating the supply chain, we empower consumers to buy better for less. The proof is in the product. Transparent sourcing of premium materials, and employment of leading manufacturers, helps us deliver a clear competitive advantage. Thus in a short time, we have engendered market leading Brand Affinity (higher than both Apple and Amazon). We know this is because we make GREAT shoes for Fair prices. But then again, we’re always learning and continually progressing.
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Timeless Classics

Greats stylish, hand crafted silhouettes draw inspiration from the cultural impact of sport. But rather than recreate the past, we create contemporary sneakers that sit neatly at the intersection of heritage and trend. The result is a suite of timeless footwear that brings innovation to the classics.

Better Quality

In step with market leaders, Greats sources best-in-class materials. Margom and Vibram soles keep us sure footed, while premium Italian suede and leather keeps us neck-and-neck with the world’s biggest luxury brands.

Fair Prices

By disrupting the supply chain, and cutting out the middleman with innovative direct-to-consumer sales, we're able to make higher quality footwear and deliver it for a lower price. That means Greats buyers get all the status, and no sticker shock.

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