Frequently Asked Questions


About Greats



Who is GREATS?

We're a Brooklyn born men's and women's footwear brand. We design classically inspired sneakers with luxury high quality materials. By selling directly to you, we can offer incredible value for the quality.

Digitally native, direct to consumer, Born in Brooklyn.


What is your design philosophy?

We’ll pull from the most classic silhouettes in the business, source the highest quality materials, and then add our unique design details. In the end it will be the best quality for an amazing price.


How do you deliver such high quality at prices
much lower than the competition?

By focusing on selling direct-to-consumer and cutting out the inefficient model of having retailers mark sneakers up 2.5x we can make great product and sell it to you directly for less.


What sizes do you offer?

We offer US Men's sizes 7-13, and US Women's sizes 6-10.


Are GREATS made to be worn on or off the court?

Some of our styles are athletically inspired, but all of our sneakers are casual-wear.


Do you carry different widths?

All of our sneakers have a medium (D) width, and we do not offer any other widths at this time.


Shipping & Returns



What is the GREATS exchange and return policy?

Holiday 2016: We are offering extended holiday returns/exchanges until 01/15/17 for purchases made 11/25/16 - 12/25/16

GREATS will cover the cost of shipping for a return or exchange within 21 days of purchase. We will still accept an order for a return or exchange after 21 days, but we ask that you please cover the cost of shipping yourself.

Keep in mind, your Greats must be returned in new condition (shoebox, tags, etc) to qualify for a return. 


How do I return or exchange an order?

 In order to request a shipping label for a return or exchange, please fill out our Return / Exchange form.

If you would like to make a return and you have an account, please use the this automated form to request a shipping label.
Returns are not accepted for International Orders.

How long will it take for my order to ship and deliver?

If you choose our Flat Rate shipping option, your order should arrive at your door within 8 business days. If you choose an expedited shipping method, it will be there sooner.


Does GREATS ship internationally? 


Please refer to this page for more information.


Can I edit my order after it has been placed? 

We cannot modify orders once they are placed. We will only ship to the address provided at checkout. Orders with incorrect billing information or requiring additional verification will be delayed and/or cancelled. 


What's the status of my order? 

You should receive an order confirmation email shortly after making your purchase, and you will receive a shipping confirmation email within 2 business days. 


Sizing & Product Info



How are GREATS sized?

Some of our styles run true to size, while other styles will run a half a size large. Please check out our Sizing Info for more information.


The item I want is sold out, how can I get it?

We hate waiting, too, but this happens sometimes. Sign up to be notified when we restock a shoe, and we will let you know when it's back.

In order to sign up for a notification, please select the style and size shoe you would like to purchase. Then click the "NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE" button on the right side of the page. Then, as soon as we restock we'll send you an email notification.


Are the insoles removable?

Yes! The insoles are removable on all of our styles except for The Hirsh.


How do I clean my GREATS?

The easiest way is to just use the end of a wash cloth with a dish soap/water mixture to gently rub away any dirt or stains. You can also use a soft-bristled brush (like an old toothbrush) on your soles. Also, a magic erase workers well on soles!

If none of these methods sound like the right fit, you can use Jason Markk Cleaning Kits.

Ryan Asks Jon


What's your first skateboard?


Love this question. My first board was a Skull Skates Duane Peters. I'll never forget it. Custom grip tape job and coffin concave. The tail had the best pop. It was the full package. Tracker trucks and Bones wheels.



You're known for your appreciation for fine culinary experiences. Have you ever worked in a restaurant?


One of my favorite jobs in high school was working at Roy Rodgers in the Nassau Community College building. The place was filled with County jail work release guys and they taught me a ton about real life. I also waited tables at Jackson Hole right after college.



Being a Long Islander, you know Billy Joel is superior to Bruce Springsteen. What's your go to Billy Joel song for Karaoke?


No question about.....Allentown!!!



At 35, do you feel you have an advantage or a disadvantage for launching a start up?


In my mind I have the huge upper hand especially when it comes to footwear. Unlike true tech start ups, the fashion or footwear game takes time to master. We have mastered the footwear side and we are entering the tech world. It's a perfect match time wise and knowledge wise. #nowholesale



Where do you see Greats 5 years from now?


5 years from now is a long time. I see us in multiple footwear categories. Boots, shower slides and smokers. We are dying to dive into the sock game and possibly headwear. I think there is room for other brand licenses and collaborations as well. We have a few really great ones coming. You already know.


Jon Asks Ryan


What's your zodiac sign?


Aries, The First Zodiac Sign.



So you worked in a sporting good store growing up, I always wanted to. Was it Herman's?


Haha. I actually worked at two, South Shore Outdoor on Main St in Bayshore and then Suburban Sports in the South Shore mall. South Shore Outdoor was the last of an era. It was the local sport store where you could get custom silk screened baseball t's for your Bar team, a lacrosse stick and a pair of white on white Jabbar's in the same trip. I learned how to silk screen there when I was 15. Then I moved up to the big leagues at Suburban Sports in the South Shore mall. This was the hey day of Nike, 87 88 89. Getting a job at Suburban Sports was like getting into the best eating club at Harvard. Girls used to come by the store because it was a pretty good looking group of guys that worked there. Not sure how I made it actually. My big claim to fame there was selling over $1000 worth of Nikes to EPMD. They paid in stacks.



So, we are both from Long Island...Why is Suffolk better than Nassau?


Easy, Suffolk county has Fire Island and the Fire Island ferry system where young derelicts like myself learned to drive. I worked there for a summer parking cars for 100's and 100's of rich "citiots" who would come out on Friday and leave on Sunday night. I was 16, had no license and was parking porsche's, benzes and bmw's. Every once in a while we'd grab a porsche and do a few laps around the neighborhood. Not a bad way to spend a summer.



We talked about doing Greats in late 2007...why does it make sense now to do it and since we waited did it make it better timing wise?


Timing is so important and knowing when the right time is even more important. We would have been too early in 2007 in my opinion. Zappos wasn't the beast it is now, pre Warby, which has proven that you can build a great brand online. And now, GREATS, which will be the first men's footwear brand built primarily online.



Where do you see Greats 5 years from now?


GREATS will be a well known brand known for its high quality, style and price.