The Playbook


Greats is built on diversity, and frankly, we would not exist without it. Our company is made up of different races, genders, sexual preferences, and is truly a melting pot within the greater melting pot that is Brooklyn. Beyond that, we use vendors and services that are driven by engineers, customer service reps, marketing executives, and founders that represent a vast array of nationalities, races, religions, and ethnic diversity.

Diversity is not new to me. It's something that I learned about very early in life, and a belief that I choose to back up with my actions. My mother taught me to treat everyone with respect regardless of their race, nationality, religion, or sexuality. I was born Protestant, my grandfather was Jewish, my cousins were half black, my girlfriend is Asian, and my niece is mixed race. I'm a proud product of my environment which, up until very recently, I thought mirrored that of America.

We believe strongly that our diversity is a big part of what makes Greats so special, and that diversity is essential to what makes America the amazing country it is today.

Since Greats does not stand aligned with the current actions and policies recently implemented, we have decided to donate 50% of our net profits from sales for one week, beginning today, to the ACLU to ensure that we stand up for those being unfairly treated. We encourage you to support the ACLU, be it through us in your purchase or directly.


Thank you,


Ryan Babenzien

Founder/CEO Greats



*Updated 3/29/17 - Greats donated a total of $12,500 to the ACLU. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make this donation possible and want to say "thank you" for your support.