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The Roster: Sharifa Murdock, co-founder of Liberty Fairs

Two weeks ago, we introduced "The Roster," a new video series profiling the Greats. Featuring some of the world’s greatest luminaries in art, design, fashion, and more, The Roster is an homage to the greatness that defines our world. Through candid, personal interviews with the people shaping culture today, we reveal what many may know but few truly realize:

“Greatness” isn’t given; it’s lived.     




For the second edition of The Roster, we sat down with Sharifa Murdock, fashion entrepreneur and co-founder of Liberty Fairs, whose disruptive approach to the business of fashion reshaped how the world's coolest brands end up in the world's coolest stores. Check out Episode 2 at the link above, or, learn more about groundbreaking artist Greg Bogin in Episode 1 of The Roster here.