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The Roster: Shane Fonner, Creative Director of Palmiers du Mal

This July, we introduced "The Roster," a new video series profiling the Greats. Featuring some of the world’s foremost luminaries across art, design, fashion, and more, The Roster is an homage to the greatness that defines our world.


Through candid, personal interviews with the people shaping culture today, we reveal what many may know but few truly realize: “Greatness” isn’t given; it’s lived.





For the third edition of The Roster, we sat down with Shane Fonner, visionary designer and the Creative Director of Palmiers du Mal, whose boundary-pushing garments (cashmere joggers; luxury bathrobes) continue to redefine what it means to provide luxury to the modern man. Check out Episode 3 at the link above, or, learn more about fashion entrepreneur Sharifa Murdock in Episode 2 of The Roster here.