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The Roster: Greg Bogin



“The place does not make the man, nor the sceptre the king. Greatness is from within.”

-Robert Green Ingersoll 



It’s right there in the name.


In 2014, Greats disrupted the sneaker industry by going back to what built it. Since day one, we’ve paid homage to footwear’s “greats,” the timeless silhouettes that define the very core of the shoe game.


Three years later, this same admiration of greatness drives everything we do. To us, greatness is not a moment, but a consequence of character. Amazing things - and the people responsible - come from something deeper. Our simple truth: this world’s true Greats aren’t that way by accident.



Today, we introduce a new video series about exactly that: the Greats. Featuring some of the world’s greatest luminaries in art, design, fashion, and more, this new series - titled “The Roster” - is but another homage to the greatness that defines our world. Through candid, personal interviews with the people shaping culture today, we reveal what many may know but few truly realize:

“Greatness” isn’t given; it’s lived.     


For the first edition of The Roster, we sat down with Greg Bogin, contemporary artist and visual innovator whose unique approach to color has made him one of the modern art world's true Greats. Check out Episode 1 at the link above.