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Knit Your Same Old Sneaker


For centuries, footwear came in one of two choices: canvas or cows. No matter what tech you shoved into a cutting-edge performance shoe, the end product was still pretty old-fashioned. Seriously. Until the 1970’s, the definition of “sneaker innovation” was making tennis shoes out of leather.


Man on the moon? No problem. One small step in footwear R&D? Uh, Houston…


About five years ago, sneakers finally took their giant leap. With the eyes of the world on the 2012 London Olympic Games, sneakers made from knitted high-frequency yarn eclipsed the competition. On track and field alike, the space-age knits were every bit as strong as their leather counterparts, but only a fraction of the weight. As the medals accumulated and more and more knit sneakers made the podium, those same eyes of the world turned to the surprisingly-stylish technical runners standing before them.


Then, they turned to their price tag.


Let’s get real: a privileged few will become championship athletes, and of those few, an even-fewer few will receive their gear for free. For the rest of us, the high-tech shoes those fewest pay nothing for will cost a substantially non-zero sum. All for a weight savings of +/- one Happy Hour.


Is the bleeding edge of performance worth selling a kidney for if the off-track aesthetics hooked you in the first place? Depends how much you like the taste of ramen. While everyone can agree that knit sneakers look great and feel even better, there’s no reason to pay mostly for the features only a few will truly use. To quote Star Trek: “There’s got to be another way.”


Photo by Vince Lee (@MrVLStyle)


In August 2015, one year before the next Olympics, we unveiled the G-Knit. A sportswear take on the knit running shoe, the G-Knit is a lightweight sneaker made of space-age materials, but carrying a price tag that’s within this hemisphere. While the G-Knit’s Vibram sole and jacquard weave upper look ready for the track, rest assured this is a casual shoe to the core. We fell in love with look of knit sneakers and designed a disruptive casual shoe around their technical features and lightweight feel – that’s it. No if’s, and’s, or athlete-endorsed logos.


Photo by @gentwithgrid


Breathable, flexible, and styled for the streets, the G-Knit is a versatile sportswear sneaker designed for this century. Pair G-Knits with joggers and a zip-up hoodie for a relaxed weekend look, or wear them with cropped pants and a solid color tee to bring classic pieces up to date.


Photo by @devanondeck


Try ‘em with no-shows for a breathable take on summer casual, or ever pair G-Knits with your favorite statement socks to play up the knit-by-knit contrast. However you style it, the G-Knit is bound to perform.


Photo by Parker York Smith (@parkeryorksmith)


The G-Knit is our stylish take on the cutting-edge performance runner, redesigned for performance of a whole different. Woven uppers, Vibram soles, and a gold medal price tag? This is knit your same old sneaker.


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