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Greg Bogin, Artist Extraordinaire and Lifelong New Yorker

Brooklyn artist Greg Bogin (b. 1965) is an abstract painter best described as a communicator in color. A lifelong New Yorker, Bogin’s innovative style and deep connections to the city we call home made him the natural choice to kick off our Artist’s Series, a collection of ultra-limited shoe collaborations with today’s greatest artists.



Bogin’s story begins in the West Village, NYC. An admittedly-shy child, the young Bogin grew up steeped in artistic expression: “It was a very creative atmosphere,” he recalls, “so I think I found it easier to express myself through making things than explaining or talking.”


At an early age, Bogin began taking after-school classes at the Art Students’ League, and before long, being an artist was, quote, “just the path that I was on.” He would go on to attend the prestigious Cooper Union School of Art near SoHo, NYC, graduating in 1987 with a BFA in Fine Arts.


After graduation, Bogin’s distinctive style truly took shape. The typical Bogin painting (if such a thing exists) is bright, minimal, and filled with motion. Neon gradients swoop and bloom; dayglow lines curve and veer; a rectangular canvas is the exception, not the rule.



Inspired by everything from cycling jerseys to American Pop Art, Bogin’s work has gained cross-cultural acclaim, showing at Art Basel Miami and in galleries all over the world.  "I don’t conform to a specific ideology, but my work is consistently abstract," he says, when asked to describe his style. "I guess what interests me is its ability to communicate sort of ideas that aren’t super tangible without having to be literal."


In 2015, DAZED Magazine named Bogin one of Basel Miami’s most visionary art talentsHis vision has only sharpened since.



Between international exhibitions and the six days a week he spends in his studio, Bogin is also an avid road cyclist and dog lover: “If I have the energy, I’ll get up, go for a ride. Feed the dog. Then, you know, a couple cups of coffee,” he shares. “One of the best bike shops in New York if not in America is very close to my studio in Brooklyn, so I spend a lot of time there.” 



The Greg Bogin x GREATS Royale, the first in the ultra-limited “Artist’s Series” of shoes made in collaboration with today’s greatest artists, releases Thursday, July 13, at 3pm EST on greats.com. Click here to learn more about the shoe itself.