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Greats Looks: Your Men's Style Inspo for the Week of 6/19

Every week, the Greats team gets dozens of mentions, shoutouts, and emoji-filled DM's consisting of you - our fashion-killa community - styling our shoes with some seriously great looks. Since summer weather is also the perfect sneaker weather, we thought we'd turn some of that spotlight on you - our seriously-stylish community - and the outfits you posted that continuously inspire us.


Of the dozens of amazing photos we received recently, our Brooklyn team thought these five were the greatest. Without further ado, here's this week's (and the first-ever men's edition of) Greats Looks: 


Editor's Choice: Carlos D. Harris (@carlosdharrisjr_)


Carlos D. Harris Jr. (right) and his father, Carlos Sr. (left), rock matching Royales for Father's Day. Bad news for the rest of us: apparently great taste is genetic.  




Nick Getek (@nickgetek) in the Royale


White pants and summer may go hand-in-hand, but rarely does the former go beyond the country club. Pair these summer staples with an extended tee and minimal sneakers to build a killer look fit for clubs of a whole different kind. 



Vince Lee (@mrvlstyle) in the Wooster


Sneaker style isn't all tees and denim. The classic slip-on sneaker is descended from the loafer, so why not mix it in to modernize your menswear?



The Cuff.Co ( in the Royale High Cuoio


More white pants inspo? Can you tell we've got summer on the mind? Update your favorite spring look by swapping your favorite boots for handsome brown high tops. You'll keep the color palette you love but gain a new silhouette meant for warmer days ahead.  



Benjamin C. (@dapperprofessional) in the Royale Blanco


As dress codes around the world relax, minimal sneakers may just be the new office MVP. Stick to more traditional options with black suits, but in grey or blue, minimal white leather low tops make for a classy contemporary choice. 




Thank you to everyone who submitted! Want to see your photo featured? Just tag @greatsbrand in your next #OOTD for a chance to see your great style up in lights.