The Greats Story


In 2007 Ryan and Jon had discussed an early idea for GREATS but didn't do anything with it. Then, in late 2012 they got together and said, "What if?" What if we built a vertical men's footwear brand that made high quality product and sold it direct to the consumer at a value price. Ryan and Jon knew that the wholesale business of selling to 3rd party retailers was inefficient and that inefficiency was paid for by you, the customer, in the form of higher prices. And with the idea of building a better sneaker for less, GREATS was launched in August 2013 and quickly became an instant "Classic" selling out of most styles within 90 days and as GQ says "Shaking up the sneaker to store inventory flow" and as FORBES says "Greats is building the next Great footwear company."


Greats is the first mens sneaker brand to be Born In Brooklyn. Greats is passionate about building the best footwear in the game at the best price. As Charles Eames liked to say about his designs, "The best, for the most, for the least" and we think that's right.


We're passionate about building GREATS, a brand that we will be proud of and that you'll be proud to wear.


It's ok to buy status, just don't overpay.


Introducing the brand new and improved version of our very own Field House located in our hometown of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Situated at 240 Kent Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11249 right behind Beam, you can walk right in, say whaddup to the homie John Erick, try on and walk out with a pair of Greats that you've been looking at for a while. Have fun, guys. Just save some for everyone else.




Saturdays and Sundays
12pm - 7pm

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